Friday, February 25, 2011

All It Takes Is A Little Faith

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” (1 Corinthians 1:18)

When I had decided that I would start doing this devotional everyday, I really struggled with starting it. I was afraid that people would read it and they would critique me because I was completely missing the point of what I was writing. Sometimes I have doubts because I’m so young in my faith, that I completely miss the point of what is being said. It’s only been about three days since I started this, but the initial feedback is all positive and supportive. This fills me with happiness, because that means I’m actually doing a good job at this.

So, as I’m flipping through the concordance in my bible looking for a new topic to write on, I saw the word ‘Faith.’ Intrigued I started to look up all the verses and thinking about how I could write on Faith. There’s an interesting characteristic of my bible. It’s a teen devotional bible, and it highlights verses and gives little devos on the verses, and how it can be applied to the problems that teenagers face. It’s actually been a great help while writing this. It gives me some insight on the verse that I probably would have missed otherwise. I just wanted to acknowledge that, because it really helped me in writing this one.

Going back to my favorite personal assistant, my Webster’s Standard Dictionary, I looked up the meaning of the word Faith. Faith: unfailing trust, belief with out firm proof, fidelity. Faith; Unfailing trust, there probably isn’t a better definition for that. It’s not really a surprise when you stop and think about it. God will always be there for us, the times that we’re hurting, and the times that we heal. God promises to never forsake us, and his love for us will never end.

To me, that’s the best promise in the bible. God will always be there for us. He’ll be there for us when our lives get rough, and he’ll be there when life is clear water, and a gentle breeze. But, get this, an all powerful, ever-present God, the creator of the Universe only asks one thing. Faithfulness, that’s it. Every single time, it never ceases to amaze me.

God promises us peace, and he only asks us to be faithful to him. The peace he promises isn’t the ‘everything in my life from here on out will always be perfect, and I’ll never be sad, or upset ever again’ kind of peace. The peace that God gives us is the confidence and security that everything that happens to us in this life will be used as an opportunity to get closer to him. The peace that God promises us is the courage to reflect him in everything that we do; knowing that whatever comes of it will be used to further his kingdom.

It’s still something that continues to amaze me how a glorious and perfect God could give us so much, and continually bless our lives, and ask so little in return. God wants to see our lives filled with joy, our bodies healthy, and our faith grow stronger and deeper. When we are going through rough times, we need to turn to God and let him turn a hardship into a blessing. There’s such satisfaction in giving all of our struggles and burdens over to God, and watch him turn our lives around in such a way to further his kingdom.
God can do so much with our lives; everyone has the potential to be someone who does amazing things in their life, and furthering God’s kingdom. We just have to have faith, and trust that God knows what he wants to do with our lives, and how he wants us to get there to do them.

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